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Source: WENN/Avalon/ WENN has gotten on T.V. and radio for years spewing problematic and inflammatory remarks to her adoring fans. This past week had not been any different when she followed as well as for sitting throughout the nationwide anthem at the Super Dish.

The talk show host pursued them on her morning “Warm Topics” sector. When talking concerning Demi Lovato‘s National Anthem performance, she pivoted to Jay and Bey who continued to be seated during.

Now given, there were several other white individuals who additionally continued to be seated around Jay-Z and Beyoncé. Not to discuss, we have no concept why they picked to remain in their seat. It could have been in solidarity with Colin Kaepernick, who started taking a knee throughout the anthem to object authorities cruelty, or they might’ve simply been tired.

Nevertheless, Wendy, along with several other MAGA and also patriotic fanatics, had the audacity to zoom in on Jay-Z and also Beyoncé, condemning them for not standing.

“You understand all eyes are on you, and also you shoulda stood up,” Wendy claimed. “If you do not like our country, then …” she tailed off, prior to unwinding, crossing her arms and also adding, “Anywho, allowed’s carry on.”

Before all this, you would’ve believed Wendy was a Trump advocate the method she went on-and-on regarding how outstanding this nation is. “I do not find out about you, as well as our country may be laid-up, yet there’s no place I would certainly rather live than America,” Wendy said. “Some of the first tracks I learned in my life, even as a little lady … ‘America The Beautiful’, ‘Oh State Can You See’, and also all that things.”

Wendy then fondly reminisced about exactly how as a child, her parents would certainly take her on journeys to see American spots like the Statue of Liberty, The Empire State Structure, The Liberty Bell as well as The White Home.

The paradox of Wendy Williams’ whole chatter is that she was using an Ivy Park gown on air. She claims when her wardrobe individual asked her if she was going to speak regarding Jay-Z and also Beyoncé that day, she replied “yes” and they advised her that she should possibly take off the outfit from Beyoncé’s garments line. Williams said “no” adding, “I’ve currently put it on as well as I such as the placement.”

You can peep her comments on your own listed below.


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